Cycling to Sankhu

Today cycling to sankhu was tremendously unexpected experience… before leaving for sankhu, I took my cycle to cycle shop to tighten the rear wheel. Got back to home packed my red-black back-bag with kindle paperwhite reader, red bottle full of warm water and left home for Sankhu around 10:am. When i got to Apanga, i got to know that the cycle mechanic boy did something wrong with rear wheel as the one side of rear wheel began to scratch against the body frame and got real bad riding experience, but i kept going on toward Sankhu through riding and walking until i got to the old house cycle repair shop to fix rear wheel and front brake… after that i had smooth riding experience upto vajrayogini temple in Sankhu… parked my mtb (mountain bike) by locking it to solar light pillar and went inside the compound area of Vajrayogini temple… managed to get a iron stool at the front rear of main temple, took out water bottle and kindle paperwhite reader, drank warm water and started reading some pages of Dwu-ma Rgyen (the ornament of middle way) by Mipham Rinpoche).  Then i took out my note2 phone and started to take pictures of temple, while taking pictures i saw a girl in black jacket, she was not that attractive and was there with her sister and parents to visit temple… suddenly thoughts of girls appearance in facebook and in actual real struck my mind and wanted to find out the difference between person in real life and in picture, so i directed my phone camera toward her and took some snaps, i took my time to look into the snaps and found that although that girl appear just enough beautiful as a living human being in real life, in pictures she tranformed into somewhat much more attractive than her apearance in real life. Made me feel like maybe every women does appear much better in pictures than they do in real life. Looking forward to go back to home, I stepped out of temple and unlocked my mtb and got busy in preparing myself to get ready. At that moment the girl with her family left the temple by taxi, after a minute or two i left the place in hurry as usual toward my home by roughly stepping down the rocky trails for about 8 minutes, with that 8 minutes i was hardly being able to take control of cycle and making others to focus at my way of rough ride and got near that taxi with girl but unable to overtake as i was hardly getting any space for doing do; however i managed to takeover them on the way out of Sankhu upto Brahmakhel as my energy started running on low power. Got back to home around 3:pm. from Sankhu to jorpati home it took around 50 minutes to reach home which is probably much faster than usual for me. Now having Kwality suger free cream cracker biscuits with cold water as lunch being seated on thick green mat at home terrace under the warm sunlight.


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