Traits of Samsara and Liberation

Pemba Lama

BSTD 302

3 – Feb – 2016                Traits of Samsara and Liberation


As the text (Distinguishing phenomena from its intrinsic nature) goes on explaining the two traits of Samsara and Liberation in different ways, we have to focus on that which is the present state of afflictions in mental state and prisoned in the cell of suffering is all that is explained as traits of Samsara, and the other one which is free of such traits is known as Liberation. Meaning, that which is free of afflictions and having the state of freedom from worldly engagement and total cessation of suffering is the state that is called the trait of liberation. Khenpo la gave a lot of explanations onto the character and trait of these two (Samsara and Liberation). With some of the examples such as “ in order to realize the emptiness of table, it is necessary to realize the substantially established table, for the reason it is impossible to indicate the emptiness of table without having externally established table. One cannot point out the realization of emptiness occurred through focusing on intrinsic nature of table without having objective table as object of focus.


Khenpo Gyaltsen’s speech on the nature of Samsara and Liberation was quite interesting as we went through having discussion onto the consciousness and Buddha nature and Thus gone one (enlightened being). “the state of having cognitive mind (both consciousness and unconsciousness mind) is what came to be known as consciousness formed through the power of cause and conditions of wandering into delusion by failing to realize the dharmata, such consciousness is merely came to be known as ‘all ground consciousness’, functioning as the bases for afflicted mind and sensual consciousness. It is explained through the seeds (karmic imprint and tenacious thoughts), and dream. While sleeping, even though our sensory organs stopped working, our base consciousness (all ground consciousness) along with the afflicted mental consciousness explores the vast area of sensual objects in dreams and act according to that. Buddha nature is the essential core residing within every living beings covered with afflicted obscurations, when the sentient being purifies their whole karma and attains the ground of supreme enlightenment, it is known as essential core of Buddha nature being fully bloomed out of whole obscurations and shining as bright sun onto the whole vast land without any obscuration.”


In last semester while giving instructions on “Middle beyond extreme” Khenpo Gyaltsen pointed out that “Buddha might come or not, the essential nature of every phenomena will remain same, which is dharmata, the intrinsic nature of every phenomena, and it is one.” One major point is that we need to understand that dharmata is inseparable and it doesn’t have any level of numbers and so forth. The world might appear to be limited or unlimited based on the views of individual beings.

Just think of that everything is nothing more than just a mere appearance occurred through the power of seeds (karmic imprints/afflictions) giving arise to the perception of existence of external world and other beings abiding in that mere appearance of world vessel. When we talk of Mahayana according to the thoughts of Mind only school, it is obvious that the only mind is real and rest are nothing more than just a mere appearance of delusion projected by mind. So in this context there should be only just a one mind which entails that externally there are no other phenomena with exclusive consciousness/mind. If one says that there are countless beings with their own consciousness, then it follows that since those are nothing more than a mere appearance like those of dream and if they truly contain their own consciousness then even the elephant of dream will have the power to think and move on its own entailing that one dream is work of several individual consciousness. This is the logical reason in row to approve that either every phenomena (both living being and other such as ground, rock, mountain and so forth) should be acknowledged as having Buddha nature or just a one single mind to be having consciousness and wandering into magical dream world full of visual projections filled with vast numbers of partial consciousnesses as branches of one actual consciousness, if any of those partial consciousness contains Buddha nature in external way then it follows that whole vast numbers of visual projections should be pervaded with equal numbers of Buddha nature.

Lastly the seed of samsara is afflicted mind and having Buddha nature is the seed to liberation. The mere appearance is nothing more than just a simple reflection of one’s own karmic effects and the whole processes of Samsara and Liberation is nothing more than just a dream as spoken by the Buddha, that whole existing and non-existing dharma are nothing more than mere dream and so forth.



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