What if there’s rebirth in Hell?

hell1Today (Feb – 13 – 2016) after getting back to home from Fcube cinema watching Deadpool, without my knowing, the past image of going to Patan with Lama Nyima Tsering to check on the making of Buddha statue in 2014 or 2015(forgot the exact year/date). There, I noticed that how violent and hot does the boiling liquid substance of solid copper does appear in real life image. Starting from the moving image of tremendously hot and liquidity substance of numbers of kilograms in one real thick bucket (i think that bucket is made up of iron or something else/ don’t know exactly), I began to think of hell realm where uncountable numbers of beings are born due to their commitment of getting envolved in vast numbers of sin with and without their acknowledgement. I do not know whether if there are hell realm or not, or is there any chances of rebirth after death, or am I just going to completely disappear from this world.

According to the numbers of texts which are believed to be the words of Buddha (Supremely enlightened being), there are hundreds of ways in which Kamma, Cause, and Effects are explained in order to save the beings from taking the wrong path and guide toward the realization of the nature of one’s own mind. The most common words of Buddha mostly well known by Tibetan and Indian scholars are

  1. I will show you the method to attain liberation, follow the method or not is your own choice.
  2. Not committing any sin, thoroughly being engaged in auspicious wholesome deeds, taming one’s own min, this is my teaching.
  3. In Mahayana’s prajnaparamita context, those who sees Buddha as having form/or sound, are on the wrong track.
  4. You create your kamma, your kamma gives you the exact taste of your past kamma in the form of effects/fruition.
  5. Wholesome deed brings in happiness, unwholesome deed pours in suffering.
  6. Those who are wise and intelligent, do examine my words thoroughly, like that of goldsmith burning, cutting, and scratching gold, if you find it beneficial, then it should be put into practices, and not as altar substances for paying respect.

I had completed my studies in Namdroling shedra at the beginning of 2010 and currently doing BA in Rangjung yeshe shedra as normal student to gain aspect of western academic view into the study of Buddhism. Well, am really bad at studies and I have no gut to judge other people for their own perception into the both or any of Tradition and modern Buddhism. There’s been the several occasions in which I looked back to bed to see if my body is lying over there and all left is my soul to travel for next life after waking up from sleep. It feels good to know that am still alive and can do whatever I want to do… I kept looking back to my past and I know that I’ve committed murder of hundreds of flies and other insects plus some fishes and birds in my childhood, but I think I did spent my life with being honest and straight forward avoiding harm to others.

Being a normal human I have no idea whether am going to die soon or live for more than year or longer. Sometimes, I think that I don’t have to worry about my life after death for the reason I never seek for chances to cheat or mislead others. When I think of how I have been fooling myself, I think there is possibility of going through torture in hell after the end of this very life. I might been the one with experiences of going through several rebirth in my past lives but no power to recall those memory of past lives, or maybe it is possible that I did not came from past life, all I had is this very present life and will completely disappear after my death.

to be continued……. right now am feeling sleepy… goodnight.



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