Tell me what you think of death… let’s say death are sure to happen to every of us… and it doesn’t mean that’s death happens only once to each and every of us.. we have to make process of living and dying until we attain immortal mind and it’s not the element of fast breathing… those who have attained immortal who can live without breathing for many days… without drinks for many days…. without food for many days… and mostly it’s not an easy task for one to attain immortality.. coz it costs evertything to attain immortality and we are such a person who can’t give everything of ourselves to dedicate with the wisdom of Buddha with must have sense of a real practitioner… in this modern days we are many who sells the wisdom of Buddha’s in the name of helping sentient beings and most of peoples doesn’t mind if it’s ok to buy the Buddha’s teaching with money made out of paper and coin… Buddha’s teachings are real and so vast that it’s not allowed to sell/buy to/from anyone… the teachings are meant to distribute to the followers of Buddha’s with the heart of goodness and not for sell… also selling it is a sign of bad omen coming near future in one life’s who sells/buys it.. and the sellers are so tricky that common peoples like us are just insane in every word… we are deluded and can’t even do a thing in right way as taught by buddha… for me am not a good person but what am writing here is told by Buddha in various teachings.. it says in future there’ll be so many of person who does the act of bringing disasters in lives of peoples by selling the secret teachings of Buddha’s to peoples for fame and happiness and the result will be so to hell in next rebirth..

To be honest the real great teachers of Tibet who hold the key essence of secret teachings are difficult to find and they teaches secret teachings only to those who are capable to practice without fail and can attain the enlightenment in this very life or in intermediate state(after death before birth).. and teacher never seeks favours from students… teachers just makes sure if students is totally capable of practicing secret teaching with full dedication or not… sometimes there’s event in which teachers have to give secret teaching in the public crowd and teacher makes sure that no evil heart will get the true essence of secret teachings. it’s just like pounding secret code to the smartest person in the public.. I’ll write more later on… don’t get wrong thought for I’m still left to write very long words in this topic…. in mDo-GongPa-DuePa it’s cleary shown the results of practicing the Secret teaching without the help of master or without the deep respect for the master who taught secret teaching etc are totally devastating and costs thousands of billions of earthling years in ultimate realms of freezing hell and burning hell etc in other words I’ll say the person who practices the secret teaching in wrong way or studies/practices the secret teachings without the permission of great master who has attained ultimate peace through the practices of individual understanding and practices of essential Buddha’s teachings… the one who’s kind to every being and generous and wise by bodily action… speech and thoughts… such are masters who can guide their students to the ultimate goal through secret teaching.. let’s say someone in Buddhism got physical power of tai-chi or any other sort of magic of disappearing etc but it doesn’t mean that such powerful person are worthy to be the holder of secret teaching… to gain magic people just need to do lots of concentration on anything in-out without disturbance, if succeed then they can do magic etc as per their capable of holding on concentration as long as they can without any disturbance… the show of magic are all the result of meditation on focusing on any object etc…. but being the holder of secret teaching is not easy task as becoming a magican etc.. for us even becoming a magican is very difficult..and to call ourselves the teacher or practitioner of secret teaching without proper understanding of secret teaching is totally madness. Nyingma got to studies alot about secret teachings and gelugpa got many years just to keep going study on logical causes, in gelugpa only Lharampa Geshe does get chances of three years to study basical secret teaching while nyingma got lots of years to study secret teachings under various teachers of secret teaching holders.. there’s only very few of gelugpa who are the always following the Nyingma teachers to study and practice them according to the rule of Samaya… in nyingma there’s many who gets lots of teachings from various great teachers but still keeps it secret with themselves from other person until they get right permission from the holder of secret teacher.. Life’s seems so very easy if one choose to act illegal with the secret teaching and difficult if doesn’t and it’s just a thing that appears in our eyes. for true teacher/student of secret teaching they have nothing to be afraid of and they never act against the rules of samaya, thus they are always protected by every super powered natural beings and they are always at peace. while only samaya breakers are the one who have to worry about money, fame etc.. SAMAYA IS THE NAME FOR THE LAW OF SECRET TEACHING AND IT’S THE MAJOR SOURCE OF BLESSINGS FOR THOSE WHO ARE GOOD IN KEEPING IT AND MAJOR SOURCE FOR SORROW FOR THOSE WHO AREN’T GOOD IN KEEPING LAW OF SECRET TEACHINGS, THUS RESPECTING THE RULE OF SECRET TEACHING IS CALLED SAMAYA AND IT’S MOST VALUABLE THING FOR ALL OF BUDDHIST MASTERS AND STUDENTS.

Now for life as I’ve always been saying… we are(if not all I’ll like to announce myself) deluded being in this world of heavy desires for fame, properties and luxury etc.. it’s the samsara the world of illusion and delusion and we human are most deluded being in this whole world and yet there are some human in this world for samsara who are not in the tune of worldly desires and they are only human beings who are capable of guiding other human beings to get out of deluded world. Samsara means the world of no goodness… it got desires for fame, lust, richness etc and we are easily active with the thoughts of samsara thinking of lust and fame all the times… life’s like a game being played by the hand of devils… We human are most wanted in both ways of helping and destroying… we are most wanted criminals and most wanted doctor of the world… most of us doesn’t realize the precious gift of mother nature and keep destroying the good life of many poor helpless beings… we even doesn’t cares about the life of most beautiful birds and animals when it comes to satisfy our thirst of individual desires… we does bring bad luck to the life of poor animals and other persons just for time pass etc.. let’s think about animals… Animals? yeah.. animals got nothing more to do with fame and money etc… what they need in water, food and place to stay and nothing more… they search for food whenever they feel hungry and thirsty and sleeps whenever they feel tired and sleepy… now let’s talk about me… am the one of most ideal and laziest person in this world… I prefer staying front of laptop and keep using it all the day and night and prefer not to move out of bed for whole day/night. I only go out of room for breakfast, lunch, dinner and toilet and nothing more… when there’s no light and laptop ran out of battery only then I do go out of room or just sleep lying on bed, sometimes I don’t know when I fell asleep between the time of using laptop. I am so so lazy that you might call me enlightened or lazy untidy person after seeing my current room and my activities inside room. and mostly to be honest with you I’ll say am the most laziest person in the whole world who dislikes to do almost everything that you might prefer good for me.
when life gets uneasy everybody lookout for luck and options for better living and that’s the most daring acts of human beings… we search for solutions for our present problems and goes damaging many precious natural things in the process of making solution for our present needs.
Life’s not easy for anyone who’ve seen the scary faces of unexpected deaths… honestly not easy for everybody… the death can pounce upon us at anytime and might get ourselves into the intermediate state or direct into the lower realm or higher realm of world…. lower realm are animals realm, hungry ghost realm, and hell realm… higher realm are human realm, wargods realm, and gods realm. honestly we can see only human realm and animal realms with our eyes… only some weird beings are capable of seeing hungry ghost or gods etc but not hell beings… hell beings can be seen by the eyes of supernatural beings and that’s very rare on this earth… let me tell you that how many earth days for one being of REVIVING HELL… you might feel very disturbing by knowing the calculations of period of a being who suffers in REVIVING HELL… REVIVING HELL IS THE ONE OF LOWEST HELL AND LOWEST TERM FOR SUFFERING AMONG OTHER HELL…. Want to know the calculations of how long they had to suffer in as told by Buddha himself? let me tell you… 360 days of human being is one year for human… 50 years of human is one day in the realm of FOUR GREAT KINGS… thus 360 days of FOUR GREAT KINGS is one year of FOUR GREAT KINGS OF FOUR DIRECTIONS… 500 years of FOUR GREAT KINGS is one day of REVIVAL HELL… and the being of REVIVAL HELL has to suffer in REVIVAL HELL for the 500 years of REVIVAL HELL… now convert all these to the days of human beings… one days contains 24 hours… 18000 days of human being is one day for the GREAT KINGS OF FOUR DIRECTIONS…6480000 of human days is one year for the GREAT KINGS OF FOUR DIRECTIONS….3240000000 days of human being is one day in the realm of REVIVAL HELL… 1166400000000 days of human being is one year for in the realm of REVIVAL HELL…thus the total days of human being in the REVIVAL HELL IS ABSOLUTELY 583200000000000 DAYS OF HUMAN BEING IN REVIVAL HELL in which a being has to suffer as the result of sins committed in past by for making wishes of killing others etc. We human… our life’s too short if compared with the life of those gods and hell beings etc.. if we are lucky we might live as long as 80 years by counts of 360 days a year is 28800 human years or 70 years 25200 human days and there are many who dies without reaching old age and also to keep in mind even a baby dies without warning… thus the point is our life’s too short and even the source of our living support like house, foods, drugs etc are the cause of deaths for many human beings etc….. and Buddha teaches to be honest and pure by heart and to learn meditation and to control one’s own mind.

THUS THE BUDDHA SAYS – In short term my teaching is counted in four lines





dear readers if you find any faults in my writing then pls let me know… I’ve written all these without thinking properly… forgive me if you find fault with my writings for am not good in thinking properly.


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