Two truths in Samkhya and Prasangika Madhyamika

Pemba Lama TSTD 302 30-April- 2018 Prasangika Madhyamika In The Ornament of the Middle Way by Śāntarakṣita it says, “The negative effects of getting involved with wrong view, causes those with lack of proper understanding will fall on wrong path, like the negative effects of holding onto snake, and conducting the mantra practices in negative … Continue reading

Intrinsic Nature, Fundamental Transformation, Non-conceptual Wakefulness

Pemba Lama TSTD 302 28-Mar-2016                                  Short Paper – 2   The differences between intrinsic nature, fundamental transformation and nonconceptual awareness is that the intrinsic nature is the reality of whole phenomena being free of all extremes form the beginning of time. The phenomena is relative truth that can be cognized or lies on the extremes … Continue reading

Losing our Religion(Tradition vs Modernism)

Pemba Lama BSTD 410 18-03-2016                        Learning Cell – Losing our Religion   In these days, when someone tries to approach Buddhism, it is likely going to end up getting piece of cake like treasure from the whole treasure island of Buddhism without being able to understand the value of whole treasure. Buddhism is most flexible … Continue reading

What if there’s rebirth in Hell?

Today (Feb – 13 – 2016) after getting back to home from Fcube cinema watching Deadpool, without my knowing, the past image of going to Patan with Lama Nyima Tsering to check on the making of Buddha statue in 2014 or 2015(forgot the exact year/date). There, I noticed that how violent and hot does the … Continue reading

Traits of Samsara and Liberation

Pemba Lama BSTD 302 3 – Feb – 2016                Traits of Samsara and Liberation   As the text (Distinguishing phenomena from its intrinsic nature) goes on explaining the two traits of Samsara and Liberation in different ways, we have to focus on that which is the present state of afflictions in mental state and prisoned … Continue reading

Cycling to Sankhu

Today cycling to sankhu was tremendously unexpected experience… before leaving for sankhu, I took my cycle to cycle shop to tighten the rear wheel. Got back to home packed my red-black back-bag with kindle paperwhite reader, red bottle full of warm water and left home for Sankhu around 10:am. When i got to Apanga, i … Continue reading